What is meant by diversity in the workplace?

diversity in the workplace

Diversity in the workplace is a term that is becoming increasingly more popular and frequent in Australia. Likely you have heard it mentioned or read something about it somewhere. What does diversity in the workplace actually mean, though?

Let’s take a closer look at this current and topical subject and discover some examples of the benefits of diversity in the workplace and how it can be a positive thing.

Diversity In the Workplace Explained

Definitions of what this truly means can vary a little, depending on the source you access but in general terms, diversity in the workplace is all about equal opportunity. So, when an employer focuses on workplace diversity, it means they are likely to hire people of all different age brackets, genders, workers from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, giving people living with a disability a go, newbies and people with past experience, people with different religious beliefs and more.

It’s about providing a work environment of equal opportunity and with no discrimination. What’s also important to keep in mind is that it can go against our country’s anti-discrimination laws not to promote and employ a diverse workforce.

Everyone has something different to offer, so it’s really in an employer’s best interests to cultivate a diverse workforce, as there can be so many advantages to this that will ultimately benefit the business going forward.

How Diversity In the Workplace Can Improve Your Business

Let’s now look at just a few prime examples of how cultivating a diverse workplace can benefit your business.

Benefits of Hiring Mature-Aged Workers

Workers who are middle-aged or even older have built up years of work/life experience that they can share. Mature-aged workers tend to be less distracted and more responsible, resulting in more productivity and less absenteeism. More senior workers can also act as mentors and role models for younger employees.

Workers With a Disability

Just like mature-aged employees, when you hire a worker with a disability, they tend to take less time off and are often extremely dedicated and focused once given an opportunity. Their example can also help to boost the morale of other workers and even lift the overall standard of work. Employees living with a disability often strike up good relationships with customers and coworkers alike. Many people with disabilities have skills, knowledge, and qualifications that they can bring to the table.

Advantages of Hiring Workers From Other Cultures

Hiring people from different cultural backgrounds can make for a very interesting dynamic in the workplace. People from a variety of cultures will bring different knowledge and skills into the business that can be shared. For example, someone from one culture might have a better and more efficient way of doing a particular thing than someone from another culture and vice versa.

Not only are there a variety of skills and ideas that can be shared among the workforce and with employers, everyone gets to learn more about how people live in other countries. Lunchroom conversations will be far more interesting and diverse as well.

Diversity Promotes a Positive Work Environment

When you work for an employer that actively promotes workplace diversity, you’ll generally be working for a business that cultivates a very positive vibe. This can make going to work each day so much better.

As an employer, the positivity you create in your business will benefit you, as it will ultimately lead to an increase in productivity, a higher quality of work, employees actually enjoying coming to work, improved teamwork, less time off and so much more.

There will be an air of open-mindedness in the place, which also cultivates more positivity. Everyone will feel included and be treated as an important (and equal) member of the team.

Company Image and Brand Will Improve

As it becomes increasingly well-known that your company encourages workplace diversity, this can only spell good news for your company’s image and your brand moving forward. It could even result in business growth and more opportunities coming your way. Positive branding is vital for success in today’s business world.

In Conclusion

Creating a diverse workforce of employees is the way of the future. Not because it’s required, but because there are so many benefits to be experienced as a result.

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