6 Sporting Activities You Can Do in the Winter

As the warm days of summer transition towards winter, it can be tempting to hide away from the cold and cease physical activity. Outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, playing golf and running quickly become more difficult and less enjoyable. However, colder weather does not mean that physical activity needs to stop. There are many sporting activities, both indoor and outdoor, in which people can participate to keep active.


Both cross country skiing and downhill skiing are excellent activities to begin once the weather turns cold. For many who live in snow-covered states, skiing is a good way to stay active and fit. Although it takes coordination and balance, skiing offers a fun way to stay healthy and fit.

Downhill skiing requires large hills or small mountains. Although it may not appear to require much physical activity at first, downhill skiing does engage muscles in the legs and core to stabilize a person’s body as they race towards the bottom. Downhill skiing offers small amounts of cardio and plenty of entertainment.

For those that prefer a more difficult workout, cross country skiing is a great way to stay active during the winter months. Cross country skiing involves thinner skis than downhill skiing, making them more difficult to navigate around corners. Participants in cross country skiing will find that it offers large amounts of cardio and muscular exercise as they must use their own strength to navigate up and down hills and around corners.

Ping Pong

While many people enjoy outdoor activities during the cold winter months, snow and ice isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer to choose sports and activities that they can do inside instead. Others don’t live in a location that receives adequate snowfall for winter activities like skiing.

Ping pong is an indoor sport that can be played year-round. Ping pong offers an excellent workout for a person’s arms and legs as they dart from side to side to return the ball to their partner. Players often find their respiratory system getting a workout as well as they move quickly from one side of the table to another.

In addition to the various physical benefits, there are many other benefits to choosing ping pong as a winter sport. Ping pong tables can be bought for reasonable prices and fit into small locations. However, if a person does not feel like purchasing a ping pong table for their home, it’s not difficult to find somewhere to play at a local gym or university. This easy accessibility makes them a fun and easy wintertime activity.

Winter Hiking

Those who love to be out in nature can take winter hikes with relatively little or no equipment. For those who live in areas with heavy snowfall, snowshoes may be required. For those who live in an area with minimal snowfall, warm boots and coats are all they need. Winter hikes offer all the health benefits of a summertime walk. However, hikers will be able to admire the new landscape as they journey down their path.

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a popular wintertime sport for those who love to fish. Although ice fishing requires a significant amount of gear and knowledge, it can be a good way to get outside and relax. Ice fishing tends to be low on physical activity but can be high in entertainment and socializing. Many who like to ice fish enjoy going with friends or family and bring equipment for other sports, like ice skating or football, to pass the time.


Basketball is another indoor sport that can be played during the wintertime. Although it is more difficult to find an available basketball court during the winter, many gyms, universities or schools may have times during which they make their basketball courts available to members, students, or the public. Basketball offers a significant amount of physical exercise. Many people also like to play for the chance to socialize with friends or strangers.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a wintertime sporting activity that can be done inside or outside. For those who live in cold areas with inland lakes, the opportunities to skate may be frequent. Although ice skating can be difficult to learn, it is a popular sport in frigid states as it requires minimal equipment and knowledge. Many large cities have ice skating rinks outdoors where people can rent equipment like ice skates. Some rinks, especially indoor rinks, offer classes for children and adults to learn to skate.

Time to Stay Active

Although the weather becomes colder during the winter months, there are many options for sports to stay active. Those who are sensitive to the cold can enjoy indoor sports, like ping pong or basketball. No matter whether they prefer the indoors or outdoors, there’s an activity for everyone. Those who enjoy spending time outdoors can enjoy unique activities like skiing, skating, and ice fishing. Hit up your local sporting goods store and get out there!

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