How do you know if your main drain is clogged?

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For homeowners, plumbing problems are often recurring and can be disturbing. The sewer or the main drain being an extremely important part of the plumbing system can be the cause of a number of other problems if clogged and may even require replacement or repairing – costing you a handsome amount.

In order to avoid such a situation and to keep the damage under control – identifying the problems at the very beginning is important. You can always call on professional plumbing services – but it is also more important that you keep your eyes open for warning signs those may indicate problems in the main drain. Once you are convinced that there are sure signs of a problem with the main sewer line give your Plumber Kingsford a call and leave the rest on their expertise.

If there is any issues with the main sewer line like clogging, here are three signs that will confirm your suspicion:

  • Multiple drains will start backing up
  • Water will start overflowing from various plumbing fixtures
  • Slow draining or no draining at all
  • Gurgling sounds
  • Sewer overflow

Homeowners must be careful enough to prevent major damages and contact their plumbing service providers as soon as possible in above mentioned situations.

Sign 1: Clogged and backing drains

Frequently clogged drains in your home is a prominent indication that a much larger problem is brewing up inside the main sewer line. A single drain getting blocked might not be much of a issue, but all of them getting blocked or backing up is a serious situation and you better contact your plumbing service providers on an urgent basis.

Sign 2: Overflowing water

Regular clogging in toilet and kitchen sinks and water overflowing from other plumbing fixtures also indicates to a problem in the main drain. it is very much possible that a blockage there is causing the water to to overflow. Local cleaning may help for a few days but if the problem occurs persistently, it is perhaps high time you call professional drain cleaning services.

Sign 3: Slow Draining

When the main sewer line is clogged, every other drain coming into it bear the consequences. It will considerably slow down the draining process and you may also find that water is backing up. This is a sure proof that it cannot pass though the main drain and that requires immediate cleaning by professional hands.

Sign 4: Gurgling Sounds

If there is gurgling like sound every time you flush or similar sound is coming out of places from where they should not be coming – be sure there is a problem in the drainage system.

Sign 5: Sewer Overflow

It is really important that you identify plumbing and sewer related problems before they can actually cause long lasting damage and once you have noticed any or all of the above-mentioned signs occurring at your home – it is now time to go out and check out the main sewer for an overflowing Blocked Drain Kensington.

Expert professional help in this regard is just a call away and you shouldn’t be losing valuable time as there is high chance your money will be running through those drains as repairing cost.

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